Cloud & Web-based Applications Development

We build top-quality, custom Cloud-based or Web-based applications using the latest technologies and trends on the web. Our developments, totally tailored to our customers' requirements, are build from the ground with performance in mind and are capable to support global audiences and serve millions of visitors daily. To guarantee quite satisfactory, mission critical operational uptimes and service smoothness even on huge, massive service requests, we have partnered with the world's largest datacenters that provide full range of Cloud-based hosting services, like Private Clouds, Content Delivery Networks, redundant e-mail systems, cloud-managed Name Services, Cloud-based databases and other commonly used technologies.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art, enterprise-level software framework and Content Management System (CMS), we have the ability to deliver any kind of custom Cloud application or web application, meeting our customers' unique requirements.

Our in-house developed, enterprise framework, provides functionalities that are not commonly found, such as:

  • Really fast performance, fine-tuned start-up times, with minimum database requests, caching, and light footprint on the servers
  • Role-based & permissions-based security at the same time; intended to meet really complex security configurations
  • Dynamic forms management and definition
  • Advanced management of content via the built-in user-centric CMS
  • Enterprise e-commerce engine, fully customizable in order to fit well in any case
  • Fetching data from multiple simultaneous database connections of the same or different database vendor
  • Advanced reporting functionality to cover complex back-end reporting needs
  • Advanced multilingual functionality with locales support, currency support, RTL or LTR direction etc.
  • Integrate with existing I.T. infrastructure (such as ERPs or CMSes) or provide API to bridge with other systems